"Building competitiveness through cooperation and innovation: Accessing export markets for handicraft products"


Artisans of the Gjilan and Skopje Region, will have the opportunity to sell their products online, through the webside and personal Electronic Store, created as a result of the Kosovo-Macedonia Cross-Border Program: “Building competition through cooperation and innovation: Entry into export markets for handicraft products “, a project funded by the European Union Office in Kosovo.
There are dozens of handicraft products, handicrafts from the traditions of the Gjilan and Skopje Region, already published on the online platform, which await the evaluation and interest of customers.
Visit and the online store, and through online shopping, you help artisans increase production, sales and generate income for their families.


Making photo and videos to promote artisans work

Cooperative in Kosovo during these days has been working all the time in photographing and shooting our artisan products as well as in the stories of each of them. Through these videos we have tried to tell the stories of each artisan describing their entire journey of handicrafts, their challenges and successes and how our project has helped them get to where they are today. We have also tried to select locations that are special to suit the uniqueness of each of their products. As you can see from these photos during this shoot, all the artisans were very cooperative and interested in making everything go as good as possible.



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Summary of the New Year’s Bazaar – “Craft Art For You”

As part of the project “Building competitiveness through cooperation and innovation: Accessing export markets for handicraft products”, funded by the European Union Office in Kosovo, on 14.12.2019 ABC Creation organized face-to-face (traditional) selling exhibition. The exhibition took place in hotel Continental in Skopje from 11h -18h.

During the New Year’s Bazaar “Craft art for you”, the ten artisans who previously took a part in the coaching program, participated and had opportunity to present and sell their products in front of a very large audience.

In order to reach a larger audience, the project team prepared a marketing research through which we discovered that is the most popular bazaar in our country. We came to a conclusion that the New Year’s Bazaar in the biggest hotel in Skopje, Hotel Continental, during which 50 artisans traditionally every year are presenting their products, is the most popular and most visited bazaar. That’s why we got in touch with them and we arranged for our bazaar to be in the same place at the same time as theirs.

We achieved a great benefit, since our 10 artisans socialized with the other 50 artisans and they presented their products in front of a very large audience.

Also, during the Bazaar we managed to introduce the web platform to the new artisans, who would be the potential sellers of the e-shop.

The web platform consist this web site and the e shop On the web site you can find all the information about the project activities and on the e-shop you can sell and buy very beautiful and unique handmade products made by artisans from Kosovo and North Macedonia.





The project will address the common constraints in the handicraft sector related to lack of technical
skills for upgrading traditional design with modern trends, insufficient production capacity and
insufficient use of modern promotional approaches and sales channels.
By working closely with relevant stakeholders the project will promote export to international markets.

The main project activities already completed are:

  • Market research of the handicraft export market available through online selling;
  • Research on the potentials, challenges and support services for mass handicraft design and production
    in the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia-Kosovo cross-border areas;
  • Developing and delivery of 6 courses and coaching for new artisanal handicraft design, branding,
    production techniques, online promotion and selling for 166 participants;
  • Establishing a network and export support structures for handicraft artisans;
  • Preparing a business plan, visual identity and cause-related marketing approach for accessing mass
    handicraft export markets;
  • Developing an export-oriented web-platform (online shop) for the handicraft collections.
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