"Building competitiveness through cooperation and innovation: Accessing export markets for handicraft products"

Coaching program

Coaching encompassed two steps: a) training of coaches to implement the coaching program and b) coaching of selected artisans. The coaches were selected from the trainers of each the courses outlined above, as a continuation of the theoretical knowledge and skill to the practical results and success of the trained participants. In addition, the project partners (ABC Creation and Advocacy Center) invited to apply for coaching training. The 10 candidates were trained as they can support those candidates who will design products with high market potential and are willing to transfer obtained skills into business.

Three days training was organized in Gjilan as capacity building of candidates for coaches. The goals of the task was deployment and implementation of Coaching tools for support 40 artisans and micro-enterprises to access regional and internationals markets.

The second step that we take was to implement a coaching program for 20 participants that will enable participants to transform skills into viable businesses. The program conducted within 2 months. It consist two 1 day seminars with 40 participants in total (one seminar in Kosovo and one in North Macedonia), as well as five follow-up coaching sessions. During the two seminars 20 participants (SMEs and individual artisans) for coaching were selected (10 in Kosovo and 10 in North Macedonia), and they were matched with coaches. Afterwards, the follow-up coaching was scheduled for each candidate. After coaching 20 new businesses will be promote locally and internationally. The purpose of this activity is to provide 20 participants that can promote 100 products in total (5 products per participant).

Creating new handicraft collections

Each of the participants in the training and coaching program was asked to produce at least 3 handicraft items, based on the new eco-friendly handicraft production techniques and materials, as well as the guidance received on customer preferences on the targeted markets in terms of design and branding. The participants will be given an opportunity to pick from at least 5 themes suitable for the targeted markets. Based on the participants’ selection of themes, at least 5 task forces will be created and each of them will produce a small collection of handicraft items that will be jointly branded and promoted. This exercise will develop handicraft collections with 100 models suitable for export placement on the markets in developed countries and the respective online platforms for handicraft trade. During the development of these items the participants will be able to obtain expert support and counselling from the project.

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